Jewellery Repairs

Antique And Modern Jewellery Repair Service

Antique and modern jewellery repair service
Jewellery Repair
Jewellery Repair

In 1972 Diss Antiques  started to sell both antique and modern jewellery, as a result of which many people began to enquire about jewellery repairs. Due to the demand a jewellery repair workshop was opened which has expanded over the years and now takes on repairs for a wide variety of both antique and modern jewellery.

We can usually match the colour and size of stones, gold and silver to ensure the repair is as close to the original as possible.

We can also create bespoke jewellery as well as carry out valuations upon request.

For more information, friendly advice and a free estimate please contact us in the shop or via email.

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Necklace Repair

Links and catches can be repaired and missing stones matched and fitted.